What's a founding hodler?

Hodl is a cryptocurrency term meaning hold, based on a common typo. A hodler is someone who keeps their cryptocurrency long-term rather than quickly buying and selling it. XYO founding hodlers are the people who bought XYO tokens directly from XYO and, in doing so, helped found XYO. They're entitled to certain special rewards from XYO if they hold their XYO tokens.

We get asked a lot about how to join the FHR and the answer is... you can't. The FHR is forever, so you're already a member, or you're not.

XYO sincerely thanks those who are.

FHR dApp

If you're a member of the FHR, or want to check whether your wallet address qualifies, XYO has a dApp especially for you. Use it to see if you have XYO token rewards, and collect them if you do!


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