Arie TrouwFounder & Architect<p>Ten years before Elon Musk wrote his first line of computer code, another young engineer in South Africa was busy writing software on his TRS-80 Model I. In 1978, at the age of 10, Arie Trouw started developing software on the TRS-80 Model I, moving on to Atari, Apple, and PC. He then ran a series of bulletin boards centering on game-theory modification.</p><p>Arie is an accomplished serial entrepreneur with a rich history of technological breakthroughs and business successes involving multiple 8-figure exit events. He is a strong believer in decentralization and the creation of the integrated owner/user model. Arie founded XY in 2012 (incorporated as Ength Degree, LLC before it was converted to a C Corporation in 2016).</p><p>He currently serves as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors. Prior to starting XY - The Findables Company, Arie was CEO and Chairman of Pike Holdings. (later sterkly, LLC). Before Pike, Arie served as Chief Technology Officer of Tight Line Technologies LLC. He received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the New York Institute of Technology. Fun Fact: He is a member of one of the first Afrikaans speaking families to emigrate to the US from South Africa in 1976.</p>/assets/img/workers/arie.jpg Scott ScheperCo-founder & Head of Marketing<p>Scott's career has revolved around technology startups and digital advertising since 2008. Scott's first 'real boss' was Arie Trouw, who hired Scott in 2009 during an economic recession, when very few companies were hiring, and even fewer were starting companies. What began as a Facebook app startup with four guys and a ping pong table, grew to over 200 employees and 9-figures in revenue in less than two years.</p><p>In 2013 Scott took a break from corporate life to pursue the dream of working remotely on a laptop while sipping tropical drinks on the beaches of St. Thomas, Virgin Islands (U.S.). During this period, Scott launched Greenlamp, a programmatic advertising agency specializing in direct-response media buying. The agency was fully automated; built entirely using algorithms to manage the campaigns. The team was built with project-basis software engineers, and had only one full-time employee: that being Scott. The advertising campaigns were managed by an automated system, nicknamed 'Stewie' (Family Guy). 24-hours a day, Stewie managed everything, making automated tweaks to the advertising campaigns. He even emailed Scott to chat about the changes made (Stewie's emails included signature Stewie lines). In its first year of operation, Greenlamp generated over $12M in revenue.</p><p>When not working, Scott can be found reading books by his idols, Gary C. Halbert and Charlie Munger, or sometimes even outside with friends and family in San Diego, California.</p>/assets/img/workers/stewie.jpg Markus LevinCo-founder & Head of Operations<p>Markus mined his first Bitcoin in 2013 and has been captivated by blockchain technologies ever since. Markus has over 15 years experience in building, managing and growing companies around the globe. Markus is originally from Germany (with English as his second language), and specializes in getting the most out of companies by implementing data-driven systems and utilizing the key talents of each employee to get the best out of his team.</p>After dropping out of his Ph.D. studies at Bocconi University, Markus began working with companies in hyper-growth industries around the globe. Markus has led cutting-edge technology ventures such as Novacore, 'sterkly', Hive Media and Koiyo.</p>/assets/img/workers/markus.jpg William LongHead of Hardware<p>William is a veteran computer hardware and firmware technologist with over 25 years experience in engineering management and electrical engineering development. He's also a successful entrepreneur, having founded several computer product and data storage companies, some of which have become publicly traded. William has authored 3 US patents, and is an iOS/OSX product development authority (as an Apple certified developer since 1986).</p><p>He is a rare breed that spends his free time programming Bluetooth and GPS hardware, preferring to do soin Assembly code. William brings considerable expertise in Storage Area Networks (SANs), NAS systems, and enterprise class data storage systems for mission-critical applications (such as eCommerce and medical data storage). He received his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Northrop University in Inglewood, California, and is one of Cisco’s top certified networking recommendations.</p>/assets/img/workers/bill.jpg Kevin WeilerLead Blockchain EngineerKevin is one of those engineers who is soft-spoken, yet insanely talented. He apparently did a Master’s thesis with Nasa deploying a satellite. He then worked with Top-Secret defense agencies protecting our home turf from the absolute worst kind of people, and next moved to the consumer sector where he helped build the Nook reader app. He ultimately jumped into startups, and 2 acquisitions later, his last startup gained notoriety for being acquired for over $7 Million by Spark Networks! It housed over 30k users per day, and was managed by JUST TWO brilliant engineers./assets/img/workers/kevinw.jpg Rasheed BustamamSenior Front-End DeveloperThose who can’t do, teach.” Rasheed is one of the rare exceptions to that rule. Unlike the other rock stars in the team, Rasheed is not a born programmer -- before programming, he was teaching kids math at an after school program. Rasheed struggled for two years before he figured out how to install an npm library. Now, he combines his pedagogical skills and two years of learning how not to program to coach and mentor working professionals. He’s done technical training and development for many companies, from the technology team of a local credit union to the logistics lab of MIT (yep, the MIT). Rasheed enjoys challenges, so he readily accepted the opportunity to work on this blockchain project./assets/img/workers/rasheed.jpg CJ McGregorBackend Blockchain DeveloperCJ is a versatile engineer who is always ready to dive into something totally new. After spending a few years in the finance world, he switched gears to work on an up-and-coming dating app, where he single-handedly wrote a backend that supported over 30,000 daily active users. Ready for a new challenge, CJ joined Kevin to enter the exciting world of blockchain for the first time./assets/img/workers/cj.jpg Carter 'Big Head' HarrisonSenior Blockchain Engineer<p>At the age of 12, Carter (aka 'Big Head') built an application called CLDATA.IO, an API that provides real-time market data of pre-owned items. Big Head's side project soon attracted licensing deals with Fortune 500 companies and gained unanticipated traction. Big Head specializes not just in developing beautiful code, but also is exceptional in design. Big Head's relentless passion for learning and creating inspires the entire XYO Network team. When he isn't coding, Carter enjoys photography, free-skiing and admiring his well-proportioned mullet, which was architected using just his bare hands ...and clippers.</p>/assets/img/workers/carter.jpg Erik SaberskiData Scientist<p>For Erik’s undergraduate thesis in Physics at Bates College, he created a dynamic modeling algorithm that was able to predict the behavior of chaotic systems. Although the main focus of his thesis was on predicting weather patterns, the chapter that caught the most attention was on predicting Bitcoin’s price. Upon graduating with degrees in Mathematics and Physics, he began work as a blockchain financial analyst and active researcher in chaos theory and Empirical Dynamic Modeling (EDM).</p><p>In 2018, Erik joined the XYO team as our lead mathematician and data scientist while pursuing his PhD in Biological Oceanography studying nonlinear dynamics, complexity theory, and data-driven theory at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO). He is fascinated by variable interactions within complex systems and uses dynamic modeling techniques to understand the casualties in blockchain markets, ecological systems, and even location of objects.</p><p>While Erik is not writing equations on the whiteboard in our downtown office, he can often be writing equations at SIO. Otherwise, he is probably on the beach with his dog, Onyx.</p>/assets/img/workers/erik.jpg Christine SakoHead of Analytics<p>Christine has an extensive background in Mathematics and has worked in upper management for over 5 years. Christine wears many hats at XY, and most recently has focused her efforts on managing XY’s Analytics Division, technology platforms, and media channels. She also heads the XY Investment Team and helps to facilitate smooth flows between departments.</p><p>She moved to sunny San Diego to escape the Midwest tundra in 2012 after graduating with a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Christine is also a local musician and can be seen playing around San Diego in board shorts and a tank-top.</p>/assets/img/workers/christine.jpg Johnny KolasinskiHead of MediaOhio native Johnny Kolasinski has over fifteen years experience in marketing and media production, from e-commerce to video production to live performing arts. Before being recruited by XY, Johnny coordinated the marketing efforts of the Stanford Arts Institute and Stanford Live, the University’s performing arts organization. Johnny has been mining and trading cryptocurrency since 2013. Fun fact: New episodes of Johnny’s Game of Thrones podcast are frequently among the top 50 most popular entertainment podcasts worldwide./assets/img/workers/johnny.jpg Jordan TrouwCustomer Experience Manager<p>Jordan runs the Customer Experience division at XY. She is known for following up on every single detail of the customer’s journey within the XY consumer business “XY Find It.” Jordan oversees the fulfillment and systems between XY’s web apps, mobile apps and product fulfillment. She also helps run the XY Find It consumer business social media channels.</p><p>As a unique member of the XY team, Jordan travels between San Diego, California for XY and Chicago, Illinois for school as she completes her studies as a Visual Arts major at the University of Chicago. She is also a member of the UChicago Careers in Business Program, as her interest in entrepreneurship business infrastructure runs in the family. Fun Fact: Jordan is one of the top gamers out there, with her favorites being World of Warcraft, Skyrim, and Zelda.</p>/assets/img/workers/jordan.jpg Ramy TouchanHead of Media BuyingRamy heads up Digital Media Buying at XYO. Ramy brings years of experience in the direct response marketing world. I’m sure you have seen one of his many enticing ads following you around online somewhere. At one point, I bet you even clicked on one them and purchased something he was marketing without even knowing it. Prior to joining XYO, Ramy worked with one of the most dominant digital marketing companies in the world. He was driving 7 figure profits through direct partnerships and media buys. And now, he’ll be bringing this skillset to the world of XYO! When Ramy isn’t plugged into the online marketing world, you can find him on TV refereeing soccer matches for various top professional leagues across the US. His ultimate goal is to officiate in The World Cup one day. Ramy brings a fun work hard, play hard culture to the team. He’s almost as excited as we are to be at XYO!/assets/img/workers/ramy.jpg Jon BroderickHead of TalentIf you'd like to learn how you can become an impact player on our team, Jon is the guy to talk to. He has built teams from the ground up for a wide range of startups and Fortune 500’s. He truly understands the value of human capital to an organization. From skillset down to cultural fit, Jon has been tasked with identifying and attracting A+ talent for XYO Network. He is responsible for making sure each team has the necessary resources to thrive. When he isn't building our empire, Jon enjoys traveling the world, experiencing new cuisines, scuba diving, and generally just being the loudest guy in the room./assets/img/workers/jon.jpg Maryann CummingsProduct Manager - XY Locate<p>Maryann runs the customer support and technical support of XY’s consumer business “XY Find It.” Before joining XY, Maryann worked extensively for many of San Diego’s leading web development companies. In addition to having experience in data curation, she also has significant experience in alternative club and concert promotion. Her passions include literature, live music, and the gothic subculture.</p>/assets/img/workers/maryann.jpg Paola BatizHead of CreativePaola, nickname 'Pao', might be known as our Head of Design, but secretly? We refer to her as Design Goddess. From killer designs to branding to UI/UX, she helps XYO look good and stand out in the fast-paced world of blockchain. Another secret: She really, really, really enjoys disco music./assets/img/workers/pao.jpg Justin FortierConsumer Product Manager<p>Justin Fortier is a tech entrepreneur and founder of multiple successful tech companies in San Diego, California (FYC Labs and Intraratio). He is the current product manager at XYO Network and has a proven track record of stepping into small (often disorganized) companies and turning their operations into thriving, effective, profitable organizations.</p><p>As CEO of FYC Labs, he took the boutique design agency international, capturing clients such as Remax Mexico and Little World UAE. The celebrated design agency has been named on several top lists for Web Design, and Justin himself has been named a finalist for CEO of the year twice by the San Diego Business Journal.</p><p>While operations and system management are the cornerstone of Justin’s management skills, coding is his passion. As product manager at XYO, Justin not only manages software engineers and product lifecycles, he is responsible for actually developing much of the company’s software code base. A complete full stack developer, Justin loves the process of software development and enjoys rolling up his sleeves and getting in there with his team.</p>/assets/img/workers/justin.jpg Jelena BoskovicHead of Administration<p>Behind every great team sits a woman that holds it all together. At XYO Jelena is becoming just that person. Jelena leads the Human Resources and Administration needs of XYO. She also spends time organizing events, hackathons, and pretty much everything that needs organization (which is everything). Originally hailing from Beaverton Oregon, Jelena graduated from Western Oregon University before moving to Downtown San Diego to help technology companies build the future. Jelena also has a chocolate lab puppy named Oliver, who looks to soon grow into a dog the size of a horse.</p>/assets/img/workers/jelena.jpg Kevin StanleyHead of Media & Partnerships<p>Kevin started as a die-hard XYO fan and reached out to Scott on Facebook stating, “Let me know if you’re interested in hiring the most badass, hungry marketing professional.” After several conversations and side projects it was confirmed that he wasn’t lying and Kevin was brought on full time. He now specializes in making BIG things happen, wearing many hats and securing partnerships.</p><p>He was previously the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for a large San Diego based company where he was responsible for managing the sales team, generating leads and closing enterprise deals. Making a huge impact in organizations is nothing new to Kevin.</p>/assets/img/workers/kevin.jpg Steffen ValaSenior Multimedia Designer<p>Unity. MotionBuilder. Zbrush. These might not ring a bell to the average Joe, but for Steffen, they’re a second language. As the Senior Multimedia Designer at XYO, you will find him working on amazing animations, cool graphics and new concepts. In other words, Steffen captures the imagination of everyone who comes in contact with us.Fun fact: Steffen was a digital image technician on Avengers: Age Of Ultron. No, he doesn’t have any of the casts’ phone numbers, so please don’t hit him up with special birthday requests.</p>/assets/img/workers/steffen.jpg Mike StengerSenior Direct Response Copywriter<p>Called “The original gangster of copy” by clients, Mike heads up direct response here at XYO. Running a social media consulting business fresh outta high school, he later discovered the amazing world of direct response in 2014. Having learned from copywriting legends like Gary Halbert and Joseph Sugarman, Mike eats, breathes and sleeps the written word. You can find him wearing orange and testing new ads and angles on the daily.</p>/assets/img/workers/mike.jpg Naim AbdullahHead of FinanceHolding a BA degree in Economics from Princeton University and an MBA in Finance from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Naim is no stranger to numbers. Prior to joining XYO, he managed financial planning and analysis for one of the nation's largest independent broker-dealer and investment adviser firms generating ~$2 billion in annual revenue. With passions in economics, game theory, politics, and computer science, it would only be natural that Naim gravitated towards the exciting world of blockchain. Having played rugby in college, he's not afraid to take challenges head on./assets/img/workers/naim.jpg Jenn PerezSenior Content Manager<p>Jennifer Perez is a former Los Angeles Times reporter and foreign correspondent who left the newspaper business right before it became a dumpster fire. After covering everything from suspicious police shootings to corrupt local governments, she moved to Prague where she wrote travel books, critiqued Czech fusion cuisine, and launched the first English-language luxury magazine in the region.</p><p>Returning to the states after five beer-soaked years, she helped grow a tiny SaaS startup into a major industry player with hundreds of thousands of clients and more than $50 million in annual revenue. She then dove right into the corporate world, rolling out top-tier ad campaigns for factory floor robots, retail shopping AI platforms, and IoT devices by the boatload.</p><p>Jennifer is thrilled to join XYO as their Senior Content Manager, and is unbelievably chuffed about the tech, the token, and the team. In her spare time, she loves playing Halo with her husband, going to concerts, and lamenting a Roller Derby career cut short thanks to a broken ankle, ruptured ligaments, and a plate and three screws.</p>/assets/img/workers/jenn.jpg Graham McBainDeveloperGraham is passionate about making technology accessible to everyone. His non traditional background has shown him that people of all walks of life can find success if they can recognize opportunity and seize it. Blockchain technology is the largest shift in financial tools in generations. This change in how money is managed has the opportunity to move people out of poverty but will require the active involvement of passionate people. Graham believes that the work XYO is doing will help to create a more fair decentralized future./assets/img/workers/graham.jpg Jared 'Tobyn' JacobsJunior Blockchain Engineer<p>Jared (real name Tobyn) specializes in blockchain engineering, solidity and rapidly skipping grades in high school. An exceptional mind, Jared thrives at learning anything and everything about anything and everything. And he does so faster than one could think possible. Nicknamed by his friends as 'Glitch', for spotting a record-setting number of glitches in video games, Jared specializes in diving into the deep world of blockchain technologies to tackle any problem that other XYO Network team members wouldn't otherwise recognize. At the ripe age of 16 years-old, Jared is already a (self) published author in the classical arts of video game strategy, which his first book titled and selling on Amazon, called 'Art of Melee: Super Smash Bro's Melee'.</p>/assets/img/workers/jared.jpg Tyler ArnoldSupport Development Manager<p>Tyler Arnold is a customer service and IT dynamo who has worked in a wide range of businesses, from action sports to consumer electronics. At XYO and XY Findables, he specializes in architecting the best in-class corporate help desk systems available. So when our customer service system is humming away and our awesome agents deliver the best help possible, Tyler plays a big role. He is also a long-time XY Findables owner!</p><p>More cool facts about Tyler: He received his Interdisciplinary Studies Degree at Arizona State University, and in his spare time you can find him with his two dogs -- a pug and a doberman -- which even he admits is an odd pairing. </p>/assets/img/workers/tyler.jpg Ryan PillsburySenior Software Engineer<p>Ryan is a senior full stack engineer. He enjoys nothing more than solving a difficult problem on the back-end and pairing it with a beautiful user interface on the front-end. In particular, Ryan is passionate about API design, functional programming and the automation of all things!</p><p>When Ryan isn’t churning out code you can find him on one of San Diego’s sunny beaches playing spikeball or enjoying a surf.</p>/assets/img/workers/ryan.jpg Erik AllisonWeb Developer<p>Web development and design is a lot like creating music. There’s a technical aspect with theory and logic behind it, but also an incredibly creative and artistic side. Erik’s extensive musical background is what drew him into the vastly expanding world of web dev.</p><p>His first introduction to coding was in highschool tinkering with MySpace layouts. Soon after finishing college he joinined a notable artist management label in Los Angeles, where he took on the role of coding up the marketing campaigns and designs. Fast forward a few years and he’s happily at home on the XYO design team.</p><p> When this native San Diegan is not hacking away on his laptop, you may catch him playing music, ripping waves or shredding the slopes.</p>/assets/img/workers/erikallison.jpg Tracie HohoneyCustomer Service Supervisor<p>Tracie is all things customer service! Her background contains customer and technical support, predominantly in the financial and technology industry, via voice, email, and chat. In some cases, providing support via two or more methods simultaneously.</p><p>Customer support is a passion of hers, as she believes the customer is the backbone of a company!</p><p>Tracie’s professional goal is to become head of training. Born and raised in San Diego, she’s a die-hard New Orleans Saints and Drew Brees fan. As the mother of two boys she spends the majority of her spare time going to water parks and Sea World, and prefers to add cheese on everything.</p>/assets/img/workers/tracie.jpg Nate BruneBlockchain Developer<p>Nate has been captured by the gravitational well of Blockchain technology since he was in middle school. Whether it’s a notable new consensus algorithm or half-decent proof of work, Nate is there to study and learn from it. His craving for a more free and open society is at the heart of what drives Nate to keep pushing forward to a decentralized and Blockchain-based world.</p><p>Nate Joined XYO in July as a Blockchain developer and is developing the tools and libraries needed to bring the XY Oracle network to life. When he isn’t hacking away on the Blockchain, he can be found exploring the comedy clubs of San Diego or in his cave at home trying to fix his Linux installation.</p>/assets/img/workers/nateB.jpg Bob NiesLead Android Engineer<p>When Bob started programming Android, it was still in Beta. Now 12 years and 24,000 different Android devices later, he has seen and done it all with mobile devices. He spent years architecting and programming Android for major retailers,insurance companies, medical, and financial institutions before coming to XYO.</p><p>Bob also has a software patent with his name on it, and possibly more on the way. Chances are, your Android device might be running a piece of his code!</p><p>Bob spends his spare time building and programming custom pinball machines. Yes, just like the ones in an arcade. And no, they are not for sale.</p>/assets/img/workers/bob.jpg Bryce PaulBusiness Development Manager<p>Bryce is developing enterprise and blockchain partnerships at XYO, with the aim of generating awareness, increasing adoption, and implementing real world use cases of XYO.</p><p>A graduate of UC Santa Barbara, he has previously worked at a blockchain-based video platform, as well as a media consulting firm. He stays in tune with the crypto markets, and keeps his guitar and chess skills sharp.</p> /assets/img/workers/bryce.jpg Becca MoraTechnical Support Lead<p>Becca has more than eight years of customer service experience with Fortune 500 companies that include TESLA, GEICO and Verizon Wireless. After purchasing her first Bitcoin in 2014, she spent the following year and a half travelling across South America. During that time, she became extremely interested in cryptocurrency, and she’s spent the last several years investing and trading in crypto.</p><p>Becca enjoys travel, music, spoken word, basketball, and all types of cuisine. She’s excited to work at XYO, a place where she believes the technology of the future is being built today.</p>/assets/img/workers/becca.jpg Damien SeawoodTechnical Support<p>Damien Seawood is currently a college student studying Computer Science. But that hasn’t stopped him from also delivering excellent technical support to our customers!</p><p>In his spare time, he loves to relax, play video games, read, and play frisbee. His primary goal at XYO is to learn as much as he possibly can.</p>/assets/img/workers/damien.jpg Jin KwonTechnical SupportBio coming soon./assets/img/workers/jin.jpg Karen ToledoHuman Resources AdministratorBio coming soon./assets/img/workers/karen.jpg Jonny MarroquinVideo Content Producer<p>Jonny only recently graduated from San Francisco State University, but he already has a huge body of work for some of the world’s most prolific companies. As a freelancer, he’s created content for Casper, Webflow, Touch of Modern, Revolution Food, and Thumbtack.</p><p>He has also worked with Skrillex, T.Pain, Moby, Wycleff Jean, and others.</p>/assets/img/workers/jonny.jpg Charlie ShremFounder - Bitcoin Foundation<p>Charlie Shrem is a Bitcoin pioneer, social economist, digital currency trader and is currently the founder of Crypto.IQ. His work in this field is legendary. In 2011, at the dawn of the crypto era, he founded BitInstant, the first and largest Bitcoin company. In 2013, he founded the Bitcoin Foundation and serve as its Vice Chairman. Since then, Charlie has advised more than a dozen digital currency companies, launched and managed numerous partnerships between crypto and non-crypto companies, and is the go-to guy for some of the world’s wealthiest entrepreneurs. He recently started Crypto.IQ, a premier advisory firm providing expert research, education and advice in the world of crypto assets. In short, he is the ultimate insider at the epicenter.</p>/assets/img/workers/charlie-shrem.jpg Tom KysarAdvisor - XYO Token Market Economy<p>Tom Kysar is the operations lead at Augur, a decentralized oracle and prediction market platform built on Ethereum. Augur is one of the most celebrated projects in the Ethereum ecosystem, beginning in 2014 when Ethereum was a little-known concept, even within the world of cryptocurrency. Tom withdrew from University after his freshman year in 2013 to move to San Francisco, where he has been working within the cryptocurrency industry. Tom has been a part of the founding teams of both Koinify (now String Labs) and Tierion.</p><p>As an active member of XYO's Advisory Board, Tom provides world-class insight into the world of blockchain economics, XYO's token market and overall strategy.</p>/assets/img/workers/tom.jpg Raul JordanAdvisor - XYOMainChain Scalability<p>Raul Jordan leads the development of the biggest problem Ethereum is currently facing: scaling its platform; specifically, it’s Geth client. Raul leads the Ethereum Geth Sharding effort, which powers over 60% of Ethereum Nodes.</p><p>Like most brilliant technologists, Raul is a Harvard dropout. And like most brilliant cryptographers (including the creator of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin), Raul received a Thiel Fellowship from Peter Thiel (Who co-founded PayPal along with a few others, including Elon Musk). The Thiel Fellowship grants young computer science minds with $100,000 to drop out of university to work on anything that interests them for two years.</p>/assets/img/workers/raul.jpg Ismail MalikAdvisor - Blockchain R&D<p>Ismail is ranked among the top 100 most influential Blockchain people according to Rise Global. He is the Founder and CEO of Blockchain Labs, which specializes in crypto development projects and placement of lead developers for existing DLT projects. Blockchain Labs has a strong focus on R&D, primarily researching and securing embedded smart contracts and trusted execution environments on the Ethereum, Bitcoin and Corda blockchains. He is also editor in Chief of ICO Crowds, the first publication for ICO industry. He has also been involved with the development of Smart Cities with his prior work at Smartledger.</p><p>He has been Editor in Chief of Bitcoin Entrepreneurs, Co-Founder of CoinViral aad CoinDesk, Director at Sqft Crowd and has held many other positions in innovative spaces. As a heavy-hitting blockchain expert, Ismail has been involved with a wide variety of crypto projects like Blok, Ink Labs Foundation,, ZED, LAToken, ICON, Lydian, Autonio and others.</p>/assets/img/workers/ismail.jpg Paul HynekAdvisor - Smart Cities<p>Paul is a professor of finance at Pepperdine University and the creator of EZ Numbers financial projections software, which has helped thousands of startups raise over $1 billion. Paul conceived and launched the world's first online service for kids, raising $50 million, and introduced it on stage with Bill Gates. Subsequently Paul has worked at the executive level for years in visual effects and virtual reality, involved with the making of Lord of the Rings, Avatar, Planet of the Apes, Tintin, and other movies and games. Paul is familiar with all aspects of the virtual and augmented reality ecosystem, and is active in medical applications for virtual reality.</p><p>Paul has over 15 years of non-profit board experience, seven as Chair. He leads the Technology Committee for the $100 million effort to revitalize Pershing Square, the oldest public space in Los Angeles. The goal with Pershing Square is to harness open, agnostic, versatile systems to create a template for smart urban locations that can be shared with other cities around the world. Paul has an MBA from the Wharton School of Business, a Master of Arts in International Studies from the University of Pennsylvania's Joseph H. Lauder Institute, and a BA in French from the University of Illinois. Paul is a grant reviewer for the National Science Foundation.</p>/assets/img/workers/paul.jpg David KimAdvisor - Blockchain Consulting<p>David Kim is a blockchain specialist who aims to apply DLT (distributed ledger technology) to anything and everything. He has over 13 years of experience in IT strategy and transformation with tier-1 financial institutions and MNCs. His most recent efforts have pertained to blockchain and M&A Deals Advisory services while at PwC Hong Kong. While at PwC, he helped build the ICO advisory and FinTech/RegTech practice in 2017.</p><p><David's international experience is exemplified by his career history. Prior to his achievements in Hong Kong, he worked for Deloitte in the United States and has overseas business experience in the United Kingdom and France.</p><p>David has a Bachelors of Science Degree in Management Science with Minors in International Studies and Computer Science.</p>/assets/img/workers/david.jpg Chris 'Drumma Boy' GholsonAdvisor - Art + Music + Technology + Culture<p>Born in Memphis, TN, Drumma Boy has music in his DNA. His mother is an opera singer, and his father is a music professor as well as a critically acclaimed clarinetist (who was the first African-American man to hold the 1st chair position in the Memphis Symphony Orchestra).</p><p>Drumma Boy has worked with Usher, Kanye West, T-Pain, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Waka Flocka Flame, Drake, Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, Jeezy, Migos and Plies. He is one of the top producers in the music industry, and is known as 'The Conductor' by his peers. He sits quietly behind smash hits, 'No Hands, 'I Put On', 'Shawty' and many, many more.</p><p>When not attending the Grammys and watching his artists scoop up awards and nominations, Drumma can be found thinking, creating and innovating in his laboratory (aka his music studio). But don't let him fool you. Even though most know him as the man who invented 'Dabbing', he has a deep understanding of cryptocurrency and he's every bit the computer geek. The very first thing he pointed out when visiting the XYO offices and seeing an old computer in our lobby, was his very first computer model, the Commodore 64.</p>/assets/img/workers/drumma.jpg Jack CableAdvisor - Blockchain Hacking<p>Jack Cable became world-famous at age 17 for hacking into the Air Force by uncovering not one, but thirty different vulnerabilities in their systems! This feat gained him notoriety and attracted publications including NPR, Forbes and more. Thankfully for the companies that Jack hacks (which include Google, Yahoo, Github and Uber), Jack is what's called a 'white hat hacker', which means he discloses the vulnerabilities to the companies, instead of using it for personal benefit.</p><p>Jack can be found running Lightning Security, a cybersecurity consulting firm specializing in rapid, comprehensive audits of technology companies and blockchain smart contracts. Jack is also a Security Researcher at the leading white hat platform, HackerOne. Jack will be working at the Pentagon this summer in a special unit centered on creating a more agile technology environment before he moves out to Palo Alto, California, where he'll be joining his older brother by enrolling at Stanford University.</p>/assets/img/workers/jack.jpg Zak FolkmanAdvisor - Digital Programmatic Advertising<p>Zak Folkman sits quietly behind the biggest online brands and companies that pioneer digital advertising today. Folkman's professional experience centers around programmatic digital performance advertising on social platforms. Apart from running digital companies and brands, Folkman has built one of the most preeminent private groups around cryptocurrency, which include early founders and investors in cryptocurrencies with a roster that includes EOS, Cardano, IOTA, Stellar and NEO.</p><p>The group Folkman has put together is unique in that each member is encouraged to provide complete transparency and value to each member, making his group a leading model for community building online.</p>/assets/img/workers/zak.jpg Azam ShaghaghiAdvisor - Blockchain Consulting<p>Azam is a bold entrepreneur and blockchain consultant with a deep passion for innovation and disruptive technology. Throughout her life she has worked with innovative and like-minded individuals to bring positive, global change in advanced technologies. She consistently works towards escalating competitiveness in corporate venture capital, hedge funds and private equity investment to increase profit revenue.</p><p>Azam is a representative at the United Nations and a Member of the Entrepreneurship and Investment Committee (EIC) at the International Astronautical Federation. Azam is also a world renowned author for well-known media publications such as the Huffington Post, Medium Magazine and Blockchain Magazine,Thrive Global, Breathe Publication, and an advisor at STEM for Women and STEM Canada.</p>/assets/img/workers/azam.jpg Tristen BlakeAdvisor - Artificial Intelligence<p>Tristen is the Founder and Community Architect of The Machine Learning Society and Founder of CO Data Science. He is a strong advocate of building technologies in Artificial Intelligence, Bioinformatics, Cryptocurrency. He is passionate in bringing together the community in order to collaborate, develop and grow in these spaces.</p><p>Tristen envisions a world with higher yielding crops, efficient solar panels, precision medicine, equal education and nutrition, and a global network of smart cities that live and breath through technology. He believes that in order to achieve this vision, the world's most creative innovators, social architects, and every day people must share a common goal to transform our civilization and improve the human condition. His professional efforts aim to achieve this social collaboration and evolution.</p>/assets/img/workers/tisten.jpg Nate BroughtonAdvisor - Marketing Operations<p>Nate Broughton hasn't had a paying job since the age of 22. Here's why: he co-founded and ran the marketing of the leading Veterans Administration Home Loan program in the United States. Specializing in SEO (before that was even a term), Nate implemented cutting-edge strategies for optimizing digital content, positioning and brand online. After selling VAMC (now known as Veterans United), Nate founded and invested in a multitude of web ventures, including Spread Effect, and Today Nate oversees multiple projects through his entity GrowthPartner and helps XYO run its marketing operations.</p>/assets/img/workers/nate.jpg Andrew RangelAdvisor - IoT Security<p>Hailing from Kansas City, Andrew specializes in Security Research, IoT Security and iOS app development (with a love and affinity for the Swift language). When not helping XYO, Andrew spends time as a Security Researcher for Lightning Security and runs his software consulting business, Antifragile Development. Andrew speer-headed XYO's Red Paper, which outlines all of the possible attacks on the XYO Network, and outlines cryptoeconomic topics related to addressing them.</p><p>As Andrew likes to say, 'The 'S' in IoT stands for Security' (and there's no S in IoT). At the ETHDenver 2018 Hackathon, Andrew won XYO's White Paper security bounty by coming the closest hacker to find a vulnerability in the network. Unsurprisingly, this centered on the device component that cryptolocation networks rely on.</p>/assets/img/workers/andrew.jpg Waqas 'Wild Man' AlsubayeeAdvisor - Mapping Technology<p>Waqas 'Wild Man' Alsubayee earned his nickname not for actually being a wild man, but for inspiring the XYO Network team and founders with his incredible work ethic, attitude and passion for learning. Waqas has extensive experience in mapping and geospatial technologies. Most notably Waqas served as an application developer at the world's most preeminent geospatial mapping platform, esri. At esri was responsible for developing tools for esri's flagship product, ArcGIS. Waqas serves as a hands-on advisor to XYO when it comes to mapping geospatial data on the blockchain. He doesn’t bake often, but when he does he cooks 30-minute brownies in 20 minutes.</p>/assets/img/workers/waqas.jpg

Please keep in mind that XY Tokens do NOT represent an equity but are utility tokens for the XYO Location Network, which are necessary if one intends to use the XY Oracle Network in their Ethereum Smart Contracts.