XYO Roadmap

Historical and near future roadmap for the XYO Protocol and Core Development. We will adjust this roadmap whenever events change such that it needs to be adjusted.

XYO Platform

The XYO Platform is the core of the XYO technology stack. The technology cab be accessed via Smart Contract (Ethereum), API, or SDKs.


  • XYO Whitepaper Development


  • XYO Whitepaper Published
  • XYO Tokens Minting


  • XYO Token Event
  • XYO Protocol Proof of Concept (POC)
  • XYO Protocol Minimum Viable Product (MVP)


  • Launch of XYO Main-net and XYO 1.0 (Gamma)
  • "Payment on Delivery" Smart Contract on Main-net


  • Release XYO 2.0 (Matrix)
  • iOS Client Preview
  • Android Client Preview

Q3-2019 - In Progress

  • XYO iOS App 3.0
  • XYO Android App 3.0
  • XYO Explorer (explore.xyo.network)
  • Ethereum Diviner (ethereum.xyo.network)
  • BridgeX Code Update (to XYO 3.0)
  • Updated Developer Documentation

Q4-2019 - In Progress

  • iOS Link SDK 1.0
  • Android Link SDK 1.0
  • COIN/XYO Client Link Integration
  • Open Source Initiative

Q1-2020 - Upcoming

Release XYO 3.1

Q2-2020 - Upcoming

Enterprise API & SDKs

XYO Products

XYO Products are solutions that are build utilizing the functionalty of XYO. These are often called Geodapps since XYO has a heavy focus on location, but may also just utilize the Proof of Origin and Bound Witness of non-geo data.

Q3-2019 - In Progress

  • Preview site for "Un-Named" Geodapp
  • iOS App (Invite Only)
  • Android App (Invite Only)
  • Web Portal (Invite Only)
  • App Name Finalization

Q4-2019 - Upcoming

  • Full site for "Un-Named" Geodapp
  • iOS App (Beta)
  • Android App (Beta)
  • Web Portal (Beta)

Q1-2020 - Upcoming

  • iOS App (Release)
  • Android App (Release)
  • Web Portal (Release)