Current XYO Roadmaps

In an attempt to provide as much transparency as possible, these road maps are our best effort at a reflection of our current roadmap. As everyone is aware, when building complex technology, things change frequently, so often decisions are made that affect this road map. At times, entire items may be added or removed due to technical needs or resource availability.

XYO Network

The XYO Platform is the core of the XYO technology stack. The technology cab be accessed via Smart Contract (Ethereum), API, or SDKs.

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Q4 2019

  • XYO iOS SDK 3.0 (Release)
  • XYO Android SDK 3.0 (Release)
  • Open Source Initiative

Q1 2020

  • XYO iOS SDK 3.1 (with Link)
  • XYO Android SDK 3.1 (with Link)
  • XYO Flutter SDK 3.0 (Beta)
  • Core SDKs Rollup

Q2 2020

  • DART Core SDK 3.0 (Beta)
  • COIN App and XYO Client Link Integration
  • Enterprise API & SDKs

XYO Products

XYO Products are solutions that are build utilizing the functionalty of XYO. The only products that are currently planned to be developed and supported by the XYO Foundation are the XYO Clients. Use-case dApps development will be moved to the, and other partner sites.

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Q4 2019

  • Future (dApp) Product Selection
  • XYO iOS App 3.0 (Release)
  • XYO Android App 3.0 (Release)

Q1 2020

  • XYO iOS App 3.1 (Release)
  • XYO Android App 3.1 (Release)

Q2 2020

  • NodeJS Client 3.x Update
  • NodeJS XYO SDK 3.1
  • BridgeX 3.x Update
  • XYO Explore 3.x Update

Historical XYO Roadmaps


Q4 2017

  • XYO Whitepaper Development
  • XYO Network Founded

Q1 2018

  • XYO Whitepaper Published
  • XYO Tokens Minted

Q2 2018

  • XYO Token Main Sale
  • XYO Protocol Proof of Concept
  • XYO Protocol MVP

Q3 2018

  • XYO Network Acquires LayerOne
  • Launch of XYO 1.0 (Gamma)
  • Launch of XYO Main-net
  • "Payment on Delivery" Smart Contract on Main-net

Q1 2019

  • Release XYO 2.0 (Matrix)
  • iOS Client Preview
  • Android Client Preview

Q3 2019

  • XYO Explore
  • Ethereum Diviner
  • Updated Developer Docs

Q2 2018

  • Founding Hodl'er Registry Built

Q3 2018

  • Spatial Conference Announced
  • C-Core SDK Live for Developers
  • dApp Library for React Apps

Q4 2018

  • Save Rasheed Geodapp Live
  • First Geomining Kits Ship Out
  • Dache, Dapper, and Dapploy dApp Developer Tools
  • Spatial Conference in San Diego

Q1 2019

  • Sentinel Creates Bound Witness
  • COIN App Announced
  • COIN App for iOS Launched
  • COIN App for Android Launched

Q2 2019

  • Firmware Update for BridgeX

Q3 2019

  • XYO iOS App 3.0 (Beta)
  • XYO Android App 3.0 (Beta)

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