XYO Products

Jump into the XYO data ocean, or incorporate XYO into your project. With the expanding XYO suite of tools, it's easy to get started.

XYO Products

Jump into the XYO data ocean, or incorporate XYO into your project. With the expanding XYO suite of tools, it's easy to get started.

The XYO Network Mobile App

With one free download, your phone or tablet can become a node of XYO Network. Collect and bridge bound witness data to an archivist, see data ocean statistics, detect nearby node devices, and much more.

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Diviner Interfaces

The data collected by XYO Network is analyzed by a diviner, which can be queried by users and developers to find the XYO data they need. Diviners are the search engines which connect people and applications to the network.

We've built two flagship interfaces for XYO Network diviners. XYO Explore allows users to query the data ocean, while the XYO Ethereum Diviner (also known as Matrix) allows users to stake XYO nodes to build consensus.

XYO Explore
Query XYO's data ocean using our diviner web app.
XYO Ethereum Diviner
Connect to the Ethereum Main Net and stake XYO.


Hobbyists and developers can find pre-built, easy-to-use XYO-enabled hardware, created for XYO by XYO in our web store.

These devices act as edge nodes, meaning they're used for data collection. SentinelX is a small, portable sentinel which uses a long-life lithium ion battery, allowing it to continually collect bound witness interactions wherever you are. BridgeX is a small Raspberry Pi computer, capable of interfacing like any desktop computer, but set up to collect bound witnesses and upload them to XYO Network. SentinelX and BridgeX work together to add your data to XYO Network.

For the perfect trio, use them with the free XYO Network app.



SentinelX Ocho Box

Eight SentinelX


Home & Office

XYO Help Center

Users looking for in-depth information, from beginniners to more advanced enthusiasts, can find a wide variety of articles in the XYO help center. Find a walkthrough, use cases, detailed definitions, and much more.

You can find what you're looking for based on what network component you need assistance with.

Development & Engineering

The XYO Foundation is building out our suite of open-source tools to encourage third-party development and collaboration. Be sure to check out the XYO Open Source Initiative for more information about how you can join our community of developers, engineers, and enthusiasts.

Whether your specialty is hardware, software, blockchain, systems, networks, or if you're an advanced hobbyist ready to dive deeper into these fields and more, XYO has ways for you to begin incorporating our technology into your personal or enterprise projects.

XYO Merchandise

Show your love for XYO Network and help support the XYO Foundation's continuing efforts with XYO merchandise. Find comfortable apparel, durable stickers, playful mugs, eco-friendly water bottles, and more.

All proceeds from the XYO shop go to the non-profit XYO Foundation. XYO users and developers see the full benefit from every purchase.