Want to contribute to the network?

We take the code base for the XYO Technology Stack very seriously and understand that over time, the major contributions to it will be created by individuals in the development community, for profit organizations that seek to use the technology, and our very own members for the XYO Foundation.

The main development responsabilities for the XYO Foundation members are to make sure that this open source initiatives continues in a way that constantly drive the technology towards success and adoption. While we do that, we have to carefully monitor contributions and use fo the technology to make sure that developers in the future can understand the code and move it forward as efficiently as possible.

The following are the rules that we have in place for the XYO Open Source Initiative. These rules are decided on by the XYO Foundation's members and their elected representatives.

Coding Standards
Coding standards for languages and project structures must be followed to have push requests approved.
Bug Tracking
All bug tracking will be done in GitHub Issues.
New Development

Anyone who wants to transfer a GitHub repo to the XYOracleNetwork organization can submit that request and if the XYO Foundation Members approve it, the transfer will be allowed.


All Bounties are paid out in XYO Tokens to the developers.

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