Meet the Network.

XYO is a network of devices that anonymously collects and validates geospatial data, or data with a geographic component. The validation of this data is a key part of this network protocol, and a major point for understanding its potential benefit for all.

Meet the Network.


Cross paths, and save the data.


Transfer the data to someplace safe.


Store the data, and encrypt what you want.


Ask the network, receive a verified answer.

Understanding the Protocol.

Bound Witness

See it, catch it, save it.

Proof of Origin

Trusting the network from the start.

Relative vs. Absolute Data

Nothing is absolutely true, and everything is relative.

Other Network Vocabulary


Sentinels are geospatial data witnesses. They create unique lists of the data observe heuristics and vouch for the certainty and accuracy of the heuristic by producing temporal ledgers.


Data that is associated to a particular location or place. It can be a variety of data (such as temperature, humidity, number of sheep per square inch), but needs to be connected to a specific location.


A characteristic where all parties in a system can reach a consensus on what the canonical truth is. Power and trust is distributed (or shared) among the network’s stakeholders (e.g. developers, miners, and consumers), rather than concentrated in a single individual or entity (e.g. banks, governments, and financial institutions). This is a common term that can be easily misunderstood. Blockchains don’t actually eliminate trust. What they do is minimize the amount of trust required from any single actor in the system. They do this by distributing trust among different actors in the system via an economic game that incentivizes actors to cooperate with the rules defined by the protocol.

Smart Contract

A protocol coined by Nick Szabo before Bitcoin, purportedly in 1994. The idea behind smart contracts is to codify a legal agreement in a program and to have decentralized computers execute its terms, instead of humans having to interpret and act on contracts. Smart contracts collapse money (e.g. Ether) and contracts into the same concept. Being that smart contracts are deterministic (like computer programs) and fully transparent and readable, they serve as a powerful way to replace middle-men and brokers.

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