How does XYO Foundation impact industry?

XYO provides resources to interested teams in industry to create secure location-data ledgers. Industries and the customers they serve need trusted, tamper-proof data about location. Blockchain technology allows data to be permanent and chained, which ensures high-mobility assets, and error-prone processes are tracked, monitored, and reliable. Teams in industry that think of utilizing these resources for location data is a benefit for consumers as well, which we feel is a public good.


One of the largest fears an airline traveler faces is having their luggage lost or stolen. Accounting for all baggage moving through TSA checkpoints, gates, and airplanes is important not only for travelers’ piece of mind, but to the overall safety and security of airports as a whole. The XYO Network can provide independently verified location data that can help minimize luggage mishandling and can ultimately save travelers and airport staff time and money spent trying to track down missing baggage.


From medical equipment to identification of both patient and staff, a single misplacement or mistake could mean the difference between life and death. The XYO Network can provide trustless, verified location reporting that is critical in such a sensitive environment. The feasibility of error reduction and increased efficiency in hospitals is made possible with the XYO Network’s unique blockchain technology. The implications could reduce prescription dosage errors, prevent unnecessary procedures, and ultimately, save lives.


The XYO Network incentivizes the reporting of locations and archiving of ledgers by awarding XYO Tokens to nodes within the web. For example, when a last-mile courier like a UPS driver encounters an XYO Network node on their route, the node will record their XYO Network ledger to be archived. Leveraging cryptoeconomics in this way takes advantage of a key feature of blockchain technology - it’s a trustless, decentralized system. This means it can offer third-party verification and a degree of reliability that current tracking systems simply can’t provide.


From mobile phones to sports cars, owned assets that roam around on a regular basis are prime candidates to be covered under loss and theft protection insurance. The XYO Network can report an insured item’s location by providing independently verified and trustless location data. The ability to recover an item that has been reported as lost or stolen satisfies the insured party, and the ability to locate such an item in the case of a falsely reported claim protects the insurer from fraud. The XYO Network’s decentralized blockchain technology thusly gives both the insurer and the insuree access to the same verified data and ultimately establishes unprecedented accountability for both parties.

National Security

The presence of government-regulated firearms in establishments where weapons are strictly prohibited fundamentally introduces a considerable risk. Tightly controlled security is imperative at major transportation hubs (i.e. international airports) where traffic volume is high and potential dangers are inherently evident.The XYO Network can confirm a weapon is exactly where it is intended to be by reporting independently verified and trustless location data. Through its decentralized blockchain technology, the XYO Network is able to provide an unparalleled element of safety and accountability to arguably the most targeted, at-risk establishments in the world.

Rental Cars

There are many businesses whose main source of revenue comes from offering the rental of goods. Being able to track the location of rented goods is especially important in order to reduce replacement costs of lost or stolen items. The XYO Network can provide independently verified location data that can help minimize loss of goods and ultimately save the rental industry millions of dollars each year. The integration of the XYO Network’s unique blockchain technology also increases rental companies’ overall efficiency, as time spent on loss-procedures is reduced.


Where will the drones be able to fly? How will accidents be prevented? How will package delivery be confirmed? The XYO Network can provide independently verified location data that can help keep drones within approved flight paths, avoid collisions with both moving and stationary objects, and report package location at key points.The XYO Network provides trustless location verification that eliminates this requirement, making the overall process and user experience smoother for the customer. The integration of the XYO Network’s unique blockchain technology will maximize the efficiency of the implemented drone systems, which is imperative for all newly-established industries to thrive and scale.

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