The XYO Network App

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The XYO Network App allows you to keep an eye on your devices, bound witnesses, and more. Quickly switch contexts and view the state of the entire XYO Network data ocean.
Detect and manage your XYO-enabled devices.
Swipe through easy-to-understand, organized data contexts.
Status updates for your default connections.
View and explore the origin chains of your devices, or the XYO data ocean.
Quickly change whether your mobile device works as a sentinel, or a bridge.

Understand the XYO Network App.

Manage your XYO devices.

With the XYO Network app, you can detect nearby XYO-enabled devices. Add them to your favorites list with the touch of a button, no need to make changes to the device or go through a registration process. Favorite any XYO device including BridgeX and SentinelX.

Swipe between contexts.

View data unique to your local area and to your mobile device, including its own most recent bound witnesses and what devices it detects nearby. Swipe left to view the Data Ocean context and see a summary of the entire XYO Network.

View the status of your connections.

See whether your default archivist and diviner are online and available, and connect or disconnect with the touch of a button. Checking and managing your network status couldn't be simpler.

Explore important proof of origin chains.

Open your device's proof of origin chain (chronological list of bound witness interactions), or swipe context and open the data ocean's proof of origin chain and view the most recent bound witnesses on XYO Network, all over the world.

Toggle the way your device interacts with XYO.

Quickly switch between Sentinel and Bridge mode. Your mobile device can collect and offload bound witnesses to a bridge, collect and bridge them for sentinels, or both. Switch modes or see which mode you're using instantly.

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Test the beta version, try the latest features.

Before the XYO Network app is released to all users, the XYO team releases a test version that users can opt into. By participating in a public beta, you can help XYO find bugs, improve features, and build a better software product, all while getting the very latest features first.

A beta version of the app may only be available for users of one platform at a time, and may not always be available.

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